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What Our Clients Say

<p>I employed Shannon Treloar at SKT Building Designs to work on a subdivision for me where we were required to provided architectural plans, and building reports to the council for the purposes of obtaining permits for the subdivision. Shannon took care of everything for me. The Council were quite picky and difficult to deal with until Shannon took over.</p> <p>With Shannon&rsquo;s experience and professionalism we were able meet all of the Councils requirements in a timely manner and the subdivision has gone through successfully. Without Shannon&rsquo;s professional advice and detailed plans and reports I am sure it would have been a much more difficult and arduous process.</p> <p>Shannon was always prompt in returning calls or emails (which I think is very important) and making any amendments requested by the Council. He provided invaluable opinions and insights and his positive attitude and efficient handling of this matter was wonderful.</p> <p>I will definitely be using SKT Building Designs again for my next project !</p>

Michael McNulty    

<p>Our demolition and new build project encountered some challenges. Shannon brought much valued problem solving and creativity to help alleviate these challenges in a simple and considered manner</p>

Rod Kamleshwaran    Camberwell, 2014

<p>I recently dealt with SKT Building Designs (Shannon Treloar) and he helped me with design and he also did all the working drawings for me. It wasn&#39;t a straight forward job it had fall in the land and a huge eight car garage. I found Shannon to be very professional,prompt in returning my calls and was very impressed.</p> <p>If I was to do any other projects I would definitely use Shannon Treloar and I highly recommend him.</p>

Sam Salvatico    Traditional Steel Pickets

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